What’s Tart Banana? 🍌

Everything on this site ships directly from merchants around the world for a fraction of what it sells for on other sites. As we are drop-shipping, meaning we order directly from our merchant partners and hold no inventory. And we only accept payment in crypto currency.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Ann Love!

I’m a cryptocurrency and a decentralized finance enthusiast. The projects and problems they solve are so exciting for humanity! And of course, the profits are such wow.

I no longer “have a career,” I have a bunch of hobbies that allow for me to generate enough fiat to survive late-stage capitalism. Before the pandemmy, I was a community news publisher for 14 years. It took a year of mourning my old career, but I’m no longer trying to perform “9-5” anymore. I now see that “hard work” isn’t the only way to get rich and yes actually, you can do it quickly.

The “hard work as a virtue” myths are perpetuated by those whose livelihoods are rooted in exploiting people for profits.

But that time is coming to a close.

This site is a drop-shipping site I made when I was looking for new ways to make money in 2020. I blew a few hundred bucks on ads and it flopped. Not one order.

One of the things they teach you before you launch is to order all the products you plan to sell and use only the most reputable merchants around the world. So set everything up, ordered a bunch of things, and quickly realized I’ve been getting ripped off for sooo many years by that online rainforest site.

I can find the exact same things I used to buy routinely buy elsewhere online.

I’ve been investing in DOGE since Jan. 2021 and started with $10 before it was a penny. I sold twice and regretted it both times. Then I YOLOed my whole portfolio into DOGE with diamond hands and haven’t looked back.

As I started to get to know the DOGE community more I realized that crypto is something that unites us all and DOGE is the people’s coin. Hodlers are supportive of each other, light-hearted and kind— in spite of your thoughts on that Mars guy’s influence.

So instead of shutting down this site, I decided to open it up as a place to spend your crypto on the things I curated as my wishlist.

Let me know if there’s something you can’t find and I’ll try to find it.